Ghana-Togo- Benin Electricity Interconnection

The project comprises nearly 192 km of power line, with 82.2 km 330 kV line in Togo and 109.7 km 330 kV line in Benin. It also includes the expansion of HV/MV stations at Mome Hagou, Togo.

Project financing

The project is co-financed by AfDB: USD 45 million; the World Bank IDA: USD 13,70 million; Islamic Development Bank: USD 12,8 million ; BOAD (Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement): USD 12,5 million ; VRA (Volta River Authority): USD 6,9 million; CEB (Communauté électrique du Benin): USD 9,3 million ; KfW: USD 26,9 million.


The project sub-components concern: environmental protection works, monitoring of the implementation of environmental and social measures, related works to enhance the positive impacts and improve the living environment of the riparian populations, sensitization on STI/AIDS, water-borne diseases, environmental protection, road safety, good use of roads, and capacity building for national institutions in environmental and social management.