Multinational burundi-rwanda road

In 2008, IPPF contributed $746,000 towards a feasibility study of a new road linking Burundi and Rwanda, a road considered essential to improve transport linkages between the countries, stimulate private sector and tourism development, expand trade beyond national borders, and promote local and foreign investment. The road, which includes a One-Stop Border facility, was officially opened in July 2013 by the Ministers of Transport of the Governments of Rwanda and Burundi. Today, it is stimulating regional trade and integration among Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and the DRC.

Project financing

Financing totaling $464 million for the 101 km. Multinational Burundi-Rwanda Road was subsequently provided by the AfDB, and the Governments of Rwanda and Burundi.


The road has reduced the costs and improved the transportation of goods and services in the south-western region of Burundi and western Rwanda, providing a secure overland link, one with safer traffic conditions, and reduced travel time. It has also improved living conditions around the project area by facilitating better access to basic services, schools and health centres. Training to improve border services and public education on road safety has also been undertaken. Local communities, businesses and trading partners have all benefitted.