The African Development Bank (AfDB) approved an African Water Facility (AWF) grant of 3.549 million Euros to the Governments of Malawi and the United Republic of Tanzania to finance the detailed design and implementation of the Songwe River Basin Development Programme (SRBDP). Songwe River basin development will lead to: “Increased access to electricity for the populations in the basin and the entire two countries; “Increased access to water supply; “Reduced frequency of floods and risks of overtopping of flood plain; “Increased irrigated land and crop yield; “Improved cooperation in Trans-boundary WRM.

Project Cost

The total costs of the projects are estimated at 5.779 million Euros, and will be financed by contributions from the AWF (3.549 million Euros); the IPPF (1.226 million Euros), the Government of the Republic of Malawi (407,610 Euros); and 596,610 Euros from the United Republic of Tanzania. The project is expected to last 32 months.


The overall goal of the proposed Project is to contribute to economic growth, reduced poverty, improved health, better living conditions, and enhanced food and energy security for the people in the Songwe Basin as well as economic development of the two countries.